Annual Convention Weekend

2020 convention Weekend!

Join us for our 14th Annual CKKA gathering weekend!
March 27-29 at the Holiday Inn Toronto Int’l Airport


In 2007, the first CKKA annual gathering was introduced as a way for our CKKA clubs to meet up, train together, share stories, memorialize former members, and to learn from Si Tai Gung Chong. This now yearly tradition has also enabled students to present their skills in tournament competition, have their animal forms certified for teaching instruction, and their Martial Arts proficiency ranked and certified by a panel of senior CKKA instructors along with Si Tai Gung Chong for various Black Belt/Sash Rankings.

Past Convention Weekend Locations & Their Hosts:

  • 2007 – Scarborough, ON
  • 2008 – Richmond Hill, ON
  • 2009 – Richmond Hill, ON
  • 2010 – Barrie, ON – Shuhari Dojo
  • 2011 – Aurora, ON – Watson’s Family Martial Arts
  • 2012 – Kitchener, ON – Kitchener Kicks Martial Arts/Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy
  • 2013 – Richmond Hill, ON
  • 2014 – Kingston, ON – Tallack Martial Arts
  • 2015 – Vaughan, ON – Watson’s Family Martial Arts/Black Belt Institute
  • 2016 – Vaughan, ON
  • 2017 – Kingston, ON – Tallack Martial Arts
  • 2018 – Vaughan, ON – 3 Fires Martial Arts Academy
  • 2019 – Waterloo, ON – Waterloo Kung-Fu Academy
  • 2020 – Toronto, ON – CKKA

Our annual convention weekend is usually held in the March-April window and rotates all across Ontario as our association clubs take turns hosting each year’s edition. Keep up to date of the coming year’s weekend and where it will be held on our events page of the website.