Chong Si Tai Gung

Grand Master Chong brought Ng Ying Kuen (5 Animal Forms) to Canada in the late 50’s/ early 60’s and together with his cousin “little” Dave Chong , our karate connection. Since then they have taught many martial artists in Canada and United States. The original school location was in Toronto’s Chinatown and operated under the name Canadian Karate Kung Fu Club (CKKC). As the students branched out, the “club” was changed to “association” and became known as the CKKA in 1961.

While the two Daves no longer have a school, per se, “big” Dave ( Chong Oi Mun Si Tai Gung) has come out of “retirement” and has been conducting a few workshops a year to correct our forms and to introduce new forms to our schools. This has been an exciting development for us all and his involvement has greatly improved our art.

The Future

Our association and web site will continue to grow as we recover our files from the previous web site and find lost contacts throughout the world (check out the locations of the CKKA schools). If you have any new or relevant information, or if you would like to have your school added to our listing, please contact us. In particular we would like to hear from any active martial arts descendants of Wilson Chung and Tony Chong .