2023 Workshop Pods

We will be running three 45 minute workshops plus a special workshop featuring one of Si Tai Gung’s advanced forms. There are 3 levels of workshop – Youth (under13) , Adult and Black Level.

9AMYouthMonkey business with Sifu Steve. Learn monkey postures and drills – lots of fun!
AdultStances of the Dragon Form – Ken
Black LevelSelf Defence – taking the basic self defence techniques and expand them for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Ted
10AMYouthDefensive Hapkido kicking and flexibility Techniques Dennis
AdultJitte (ten hands or ten techniques)- a relatively short Shotokan kata that features a bo self defence. Lori
Black LevelKnife use and self defence for adults only. Defend with and defend against. Marc
11AMYouthStudents will be introduced to the Six Point Lock Flow drill
John J
AdultKung Fu Applications: Learn concepts on how movements from forms can be applied in a more dynamic way. Dan
Black LevelHapkido style Twisting joint control and striking Dennis

Special Workshop: Si Tai Gung’s Double Butterfly Sword (Knife) Form (Wu Dip Dao)