Welcome to the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association

The Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide a community for all of the martial artists that practice the styles from the original Canadian Karate Kung Fu Club (CKKC). The name was changed in 1961 to the Canadian Karate Kung Fu Association as the organization grew from one location to locations throughout Ontario and eventually across North America. 

2018 CKKA Convention

The On-line Registration system is now CLOSED.

The 2018 Convention is set for April 6, 7 and 8th. 

Some updates:

  • First of all, due to the implementation of the provincial law regarding sparring tournaments , we will NOT have sparring this year. Kata/forms, weapons, creative and team events will be the focus this year.
  • The tournament will start at 9AM on Saturday
  • The good news is that we will be able to have more workshops with the masters including Si Tai Gung who will teach the standardized Leopard form.
  • The workshops will cover karate, kung fu and kids programs. 

You can still register at the door for the competition and the Workshops. You will have to sign a waiver to compete.

Click here for the Workshop Details

  • T-Shirts will feature our unique “Year of the Puppy” logo (see above) on a black training shirt back with the CKKA logo on the front.  These will on sale at the event for $20.
  • The banquet will have entertaining martial arts demonstrations from some of our schools.
  • Student of the year awards as well as Memorial awards will be presented.
  • This year the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Marc Valois.
  • A sparring workshop will be part of the offerings.  See below for the details

The sparring workshop will run a minimum of 3 hours from 1PM and will cover sparring tactics for martial artists of all ages. The workshop will discuss the rules for competition as well as an explanation of our current understanding of the provincial legislation and its implications for future tournaments. The workshop will give the attendees an opportunity to test their sparring knowledge and tactics by engaging in controlled matches.  Everyone is expected to bring their sparring gear (head gear; hand and foot protection with fingers and toes covered; genital and mouth guards)