Event registration is now live!! Head on over to our event registration page to secure your spot for our 60th anniversary convention! We look forward to seeing you all again on October 16th 🙂


Your board of directors is pleased to announce our 60th Anniversary Virtual Tournament and Training Pods, Saturday October 16th between 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Registration for this event will go live on Friday, September 10, 2021.  Students can register for open hand and weapons kata in either Karate (hard) or Kung Fu (soft) styles; as well as training pods to be presented online from our instructors.  Kata/Forms submissions should be completed by Saturday, October 2nd for judging.  Winners will be announced during the online event and medals will be mailed to those winners.  Receive a special 60th Anniversary Patch with your registration.

$50 for the online tournament and training pods.

A special session “Ask the Master” will be included in this event.  If you have ever had a question to ask SiTaiGung David Chong or Alex Atkinson (senior member of the CKKA ) now is the time to ask.  We requests your questions be submitted ahead of time as this session is only 40 minutes.

Questions should be directed to canadiankka@gmail.com.

We would also like to include Student of the Year presentations during our online event.  If you have a student whom you would like to recognize please let me know.   Awards will be mailed to the recipient.

Looking forward to a great event


Your CKKA Board of Directors – Peggy, Marc, John A, John J, Kyle, David and Eva

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